Everest Awareness

Project description

Local actions on project site
Following up on the implementation of a 5-year action plan on Mt Everest
With official liaison officers, train the expedition leaders about the chart of waste management model
Include into Everest climbing fee policies, an environmental deposit fee and raise awareness about clean mountain charter
Give training to locals – WATCH VIDEO!

Actions on national level
With China, raise awareness about Clean Everest label, to keep Everest pure, as well as other 8000m peaks, through conferences, exhibitions, articles, interviews.

Major Issues

Lack of awareness of local people about waste issues in general in Tibet.
Lack of awareness of waste problem on Mount Everest.
Lack of interest from mountain climbers to clean up garbage after themselves.
Lack of skills from local authorities to monitor a waste management model in a systematic manner.

Social impact indicator

Protection of glaciers, water quality vital for 2 million people in Asia

Project leader

Marion Chaygenaud-Dupuy in partnership with Climbalaya Expedition.

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