‘Love and Compassion’ Kindergarden


Major Issue

Because of language difficulties, Tibetan children currently have high difficulties integrating Chinese schools. (Most Tibetan families are still illiterate and do not speak Chinese.)

Project description

The goals of the ‘Love and Compassion’ Kindergarden initiative are the following:

  • Open kindergarden schools in rural Tibet.
  • Train tibetan teachers to the Montessori pedagogy in order to improve the quality of education for children from 3 to 6 years old.
  • Incorporate empathy, love and compassion training together with the classic Tibetan and Chinese language and mathematics classes in the school curriculums.

Key objective

Improve the quality of early learning into rural Tibetan area.

Latest impact measurement

More than 3,000 children (3-6 years old) get quality education

Key achievements

  • 4 pilot schools have opened

  • continuous training for parents

  • regular training for over 100 rural schools professors
  • classes taught in Tibetan language and incorporating many aspects of Tibetan culture

Project leader

Sonam Dorjee is a Tibetan social entrepreneur. With his Montessori inspired ‘love and compassion’ kindergarden projet he transforms education. He trained himself in alternative education methods in many different countries and he transmits his knowledge to parents and teachers.

DONATIONS (anytime of year) – EUR5,000 Training for 100 teachers or EUR10,000 Support a new school